Why DingflexPE?            


Eastsign International Limited has introduced a new, dramatically light weight,

durable and 100% recyclable replacement substrates for PVC billboards and

bannersDingflexPE PE woven

Light and Strong

Recyclable PE is less than one-third the weight of traditional laminated vinyl

(only 3 - 4 oz. per square yard vs. 12 – 13 oz.), but it delivers superior durability

along with high-impact reproduction vs. traditional vinyl billboards.

User Friendly

DingflexPE offers extremely high tensile strength in both directions regardless

of its light weight. It is stronger, lighter and easier to be handled than other

materials used in similar applications. Also, they are easy to cut, staple, sew,

heat seaming and set grommet well.

Environmental Friendly

This is the industry’s first fully recyclable substrate - 100% polyethylene (PE). PE

is 100% Recyclable and can be reproduced into many products such as plastic

lumber, pipes and pallets. Also, it does not release harmful substances during

degrading process.

Loading Efficiency

The loading efficiency of PE woven is much higher than that of banner. More than

80,000 square meter or 860, 000 square feet can be loaded in a 20FT container. It

saves the shipping and handling charges.

To learn more or receive sample rolls, please feel free to contact our salespersons.