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Solvent Eco-solvent Media
PVC Banner-Frontlit

PVC Banner-Frontlit

Banner is made of tear resistant polyester fabric em bedded between two

white vinyl. It is seamless,soft,uniform light transmission,easy to cut/weld/

transport/install,It is compatible with screen printing,digital printing and

UV printing.


PVC Banner-Backlit

Backlit is installed to lightbox with the light coming from the back. Light
transmission is 25% to 35%.Most lightboxes are medium to small in size.

These light boxes are commonly seen in roadside,shops and indoor.


PVC Banner - Mesh

Mesh is made by PVC coated polyester,which is perforated to allow air flowing

through the banner, thus reducing potentially dabgeriys wind loadings.This

product can be used as building wrapping, banners, retail window diaplays,

murals and stage backdrops.


PVC Banner-Blockout

Blockout PVC banner is similar to banner, but it is embedded with black

membrane to prevent light penetration. It can be printed on both sides

to form a double sided banner. It is suitable for printers using solvent and

eco solvent inks.


PVC Tarpaulin

PVC Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin is the strongest media in the terms of roll materials. Hot PVC

is coated on strong base fabric. It is hard to tear apart because there

is powerful bonding between PVC and base fabric. Base fabric can be

cuistomized depending on the requirement of projects.


Installation & Training

PET Banner

PET banner is available in three categories – frontlit (white/grey), backlit

and blockout. It is compatible with screen printing, digital printing, and

pressure-sensitive lettering. There is no curling edge when producing

hemless signs.


PE Banner

PE Banner

Advertising industry starts using environoment materials to replace

PVC materials.PE banner is the best substrate to replace PVC banner,

which is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Globally renowned

companies are aware of sustainability and seek ways to conserve the

environment while they deliver messages to consumers.


SolventEco-solvent INK

Solvent & Eco-solvent INK

High dynamic range response and low viscosity Print smooth / Wide

color gamut / Vivid color Long shelf life / extend lifetime of printer

heads S-series ink is environmental friendly and odorless Physical and

Chemical Properties
Boiling point: 312 ℉(156℃)
Density: 0.90-0.98g/cc
Solubility in water: No
Flammability: 2
Physical hazards (atalility and reactivity)