Entry Level SOT

Entry Level Rotary Heat Press SOT series is entry level equipment for sublimation heat transfer. It is able to handle small production of roll-to-roll or cut piece heat transfer. Moreover, the machine occupies small workplace and requires only one operator. It reduces expenses in terms of power and labor.

There are many merits of SOT series machine as below.

1.  It is suitable for make sample by roll-to-roll or Piece-by-piece. There are  3 pairs of Feeding and Take-up Rolls

2.  Heating Drum size is 200mm or 7.9". It is filled by oil, which distributes heat evenly across the drum.  

3. Most of shafts of the machine were processed by CNC cutting system precisely, which means all shafts are equipping at parallel. It enables the ultra-long transfer without tracking.

4.The heating roller is made of stainless steel, CNC forming ensure smoothness of the surface of roller, and uniform heating on the roller. In addition, more than 70% of the roller surface is covered by blanket, it enable to reduce the missing of heat and ensure a good transfer result. 

5. The chosen balance shafts in 87mm diameter which processed with CNC technique which keeps it rigid and prevents it from deforming. Thus, transfer paper does not curl and ripple pattern doesn’t appear on media.

6. The machine is designed to feed materials from upper position, which keeps fabric feeding precisely and lower the fault rate in process.

7. High-quality blanket of standard width: 1.22m or 48". Outstanding dimensional stability: at temperature of 250 ℃, only less than 1% of thermal shrinkage, with excellent high temperature stability.

8. Blanket Auto Alignment, Customized Width and Drum Size are available upon request 

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