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C Board
C-board is a revolutionary environmental-friendly panel with unique sandwich structure for printing applications. It is extremely light due to distinctive paper corrugated core structure. C-Board comes with both side laminated white paper which is flat and easy to make excellent print. C-Board is easy to be fabricated. It is easily cut,jointed and assembled with particular connectors. Sublimated T-shirts


  • Environmental friendly
  • Light weight

  • Excellent printability

  • Flat surface


  • Suitable for various indoor applications

  • Mounting of self adhesive media Suspended interior signs

  • Back of picture frames

  • Packing

Sublimated T-shirts

Data sheet

Stan.Size Thickness Color




12mm(½"), 16mm(5/8")
20mm(3/4"), 25mm( 1"
white surface
brown corrugated core