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High precision, good throughput, robust mechanics,a reasonable starting price, these are the characteristicsof the ARISTOMAT CL Cutter.With an adapted vacuum system and chosen tool heads,the ARISTOMAT CL-Cutter is the ideal tool for cutting,e.g. vinyls, laminates, solid fibre- and corrugated cardboardsfor advertising technology or packaging technology.


ARISTOMAT Outer dimensions➀
WxLxH  mm (inch)
Max. Work area➁
WxL  mm (inch)
CL 131O 1950 x 1620 x 1120 ( 77 x 64 x 44) 1300 x 950 (51 x 37)
CL 1317 1950 x 2440 x 1120 ( 77 x 96 x 44) 1300 x 1700 (51 x 67)
Speed➂ max. 0.7 m/s (28 in/sec), adjustable via menu or software
Acceleration➂ max. 0.7 G, adjustable via menu or software
Input buffer PC controlled   
Suitable for material thickness max. 35 mm (1.38 in), depending on the tool head and protective underlay
Static repeatability ± 0.02 mm/m (0.0008 in/40 in) @ 20 degrees centigrade
Control circuit and drives Digital servo motors
Data format HPGL compatible, with extended command set
Vacuum 1.5 kW pump system,format vacuum zones, adjustable manually
Power supply 1~, 230V, 50/60 Hz, 16A
Data Interface Serial RS 232 C/V.24
Data transmission rate 300 Baud up to 19200 Baud
Protocol XON/XOFF or DTR
Integrated console with function keys and multi-line display
multilingual: English, German, French, Italian
Ambient conditions
operating temperatur
storage temperatur
rel. humidity
+10°C up to +30°C 50°F up to 86°F
-15°C up to +45°C 5°F up to 113°F
40 - 80% non-condensing  
Safety / Certification CE-lable; Emergency stop
①The dimensions only refer to the basic machines without tool head.②Work area for one tool.
③Depending on the tool head.


Various heads tool for the processing of various materials
High Speed Upgrade: Speed max. 1.4 m/s (55 in/sec) Acceleration max. 1.1 G