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Acrylic sheets

We offer various types of Acrylic Sheets, which work with UV and

screen-printing machines. This product is competitive in price and

comes with original raw materials.

Product name: Acrylic SheetPs
Raw Material: Acrylic
Color: Wide range of standard colors
Size (W x L): 1.22m (max.) x 2.44m (customization available)
Min order quantity is 1 ton per color per thickness


  • Lighter than glass

  • As clear as glass

  • Impact resistant
  • UV proof

  • Clear PE or paper protection film is available


  • Screen printing
  • POP display
  • graphic arts
  • forming to make signs



Type Thickness Standard size density
Cast 2mm-40mm 1.22m×2.44m(4"×8") 1.2g/cm³



Properities Parameters Testing Methods Value Unit
Specific Gravity   D792 ASTM 1.19  
Mechanical Strength at Maximum Load D638 ASTM 630 kgf/cm²
Mechanical Elongation at Break D638 ASTM 32800 kgf/cm²
Mechanical Flexural Strength D638 ASTM 2.88 %
Mechanical Flexural Modulus D790 ASTM 1120 kgf/cm²
Mechanical impact Strength D790 ASTM 30000 kgf/cm²
Mechanical Rockwell hadness D256 ASTM 1.81
Mechanical Compressive Strength at Yield D785 ASTM 99.6 M scale
Mechanical Shear Stength D695 ASTM 1140 kgf/cm²
Mechanical Strength at Maximum Load D732 ASTM 653 kgf/cm²
Optical Light Transmittance D1003 ASTM 92.5 %
Optical Haze D1003 ASTM 0.124 %
Optical Yellow Index DE313 ASTM -1.06  
Optical Refractive Index   1.4528  
Thermal Heat Deflextion Temperature D648 ASTM 101
Thermal Vicat Softening Temperature D1525 ASTM 121
Thermal Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion D696 ASTM 50.7×10-6
Thermal Thermal Conductivity C177 ASTM 0.201 W/m.k
Thermal Horizontal Burning D635 ASTM Pass  
Thermal Forming Temperature   140-170
Thermal Maximum Recommended Continuous Service Temperature 70
Electrical Dielectric Strength D149 ASTM 18.3 KV/mm
Electrical Arc Resistance D495 ASTM >600 V
Miscellaneous Water Absorption(24 hours) D570 ASTM 0.265 %