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ABS Double Color Boards

We offer various types of ABS Double Color Boards, which work with mechanical

and laser machines. Two layers of Sublimated T-shirtsABS boards in different colors can firmly laminated

into one sheet.
Raw Material: ABS

Color: Wide range of colors
Packing: Carton Box
Thickness: 1.5mm
Size (W x L): 0.60m x 1.20m


  • High rigidity and impact strength

  • Water-proof Sublimated T-shirts


  • Mechanical or laser engraver, signs

Color chart






Thickness Color Standard size Max size density
1.5mm clear,white,red,yellow,blue,green,etc 0.61m×1.22m(24"×48") 0.2.0m×3.05m(78"×120") 1.05/cm³