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ISA International Sign Expo 2012





Attendees and Exhibitors left Orlando with new business connections, ideas and equipments. Exhibit floor of ISA International Sign Expo 2012 was 10 percent larger than its last time in Orlando two years ago. The show floor included 540 exhibitors, 87 of whom were making their Expo debut.


DingPanel C-Board

UV Printers not only give excellent graphics on C-Board, but also make the print to be water-proof. Maximum width is now 1.6m. Minimum thickness of core is 10mm. C-board is environmental friendly printing substrate because the core was made by 100% recycled materials, which helps reduce pollution.

DingTec Laminator BU-1600RFZY

  • There is pressure indicator on control panel. Pressure is evenly distributed on each end of the roller. Therefore, the machine is suitable for roll and panel lamination.
  • Height of roller can be controlled on the control panel. Maximum laminating thickness is 40mm.
  • Brake function reduces bubbles during continuous lamination.
  • There is addition rod for separating laminating film and media in initial set-up stage

DingTec Thermal Transfer Machine


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